Mies joka halusi olla koira


Joo, elikkäs henkisesti häiriintynyt brassi-mies tunsi olevansa henkisesti koira, joten hän päätti mennä muuttamaan ulkonäkönsä enemmän koiramaiseksi. Tässä lainaus jutusta jossa hän kertoo taustoistaan, kuten voi huomata niin oikea paikka hänelle olisi mielisairaala. Tulevaisuudessa tälläiset tulee ihan varmasti yleistymään….

From the earliest age, I always felt like a dog…As a toddler, I demanded to be fed out of the dog dish…I barked long before I spoke human words…The first time I heard the word bitch I felt a surge of excitement race through me but I did not know why. When I was 5 years old, my father said the word dogcatcher and I ran and hid under the couch. I was as puzzled as they were…

I have always held up one leg to pee, even in school restrooms. As a result, I was mercilessly teased all through my school years. They called me Wolfman, Fido and all sorts of other terrible names. When they wanted me for something, the teacher would call out, “Here boy!” and the whole class would laugh.

I cannot describe the pain I went through. I suffer from depression, anxiety and am suicidal. I have already made three suicide attempts. If I can’t change into a dog, I am afraid I will kill myself.”




Tuo Brasilia on ihan mielenkiintoinen maa mitä tulee plastiikkakirurgiaan noin muutenkin, taannoin oli juttua mm. kuinka valkoinen brassimies teki leikkauksia näyttääkseen korealaiselta.


There’s no denying the fact that many Koreans are obsessed with plastic surgery – some of them will do anything to look more ‘western’. So imagine my surprise when I read about this Brazilian guy who underwent 10 cosmetic procedures to look more Korean! It seems like no one is happy with their own native looks anymore

This man was perfectly good-looking to begin with, but he wanted the Oriental look so bad, he put himself through a series of procedures – silicone implants, lip surgery, and more – that cost him a small fortune. The 25-year-old, from Novo Hamburgo city in southern Brazil, goes by the name Xiahn; he doesn’t want to reveal his true identity to protect his family from internet scrutiny. Xiahn originally had blue eyes and blond hair, a look that he was perfectly happy with until he spent time as an exchange student at Dongseo University in South Korea. It was there that he got bit by the plastic surgery bug.

And he’s quite happy with his new look. “I have no regrets, and I don’t intend to have any more procedures,” he said.




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