Aivoboostia ja pitkää ikää lisäravinteista

  • Väitetysti maailman toiseksi älykkäin elossa oleva mies Rick RosnerIQ 192, kertoi äskettäin mitä lisäravinteita hän syö lisätäkseen älykkyyttään ja pitääkseen aivonsa ja kehonsa toimivina ja pitkä-ikäisenä.
  • Hän syö päivittäin noin 50 erilaista lisäravinne pilleriä, jotka hänen mukaansa ovat olennainen osa hänen älykkyytensä toimivuutta ja jatkuvuutta. Hänellä on pakkomielle oman älykkyytensä lisäämiseksi, mutta myös pitkän iän saavuttamiseksi.
  • Vaikka älykkyys on pitkälti periytyvä ominaisuus niin sitäkin voi kehittää ja boostata ihan samalla tavalla kuin kehonrakentajat boostaa lihaksiaan salilla ja lisäravinteilla.


Suositellut lisäravinteet hänen omin kommentein

Omega 3 fish oil capsulesThis is supposed to be the good fat, more liquid at normal temperatures, to take the place of not-so-good, more solid fats.

Half an aspirin daily. Along with flossing your teeth, taking half an aspirin or a baby aspirin each day might be the cheapest, easiest way to extend your life. Aspirin knocks down inflammation and keeps your blood thin. You can get a year’s worth of aspirin for a buck at a discount store.

MetforminA drug for Type 2 diabetics that decreases glucose production in the liver and helps your body use insulin more efficiently, reducing spikes in blood sugar (and possibly reducing the likelihood of cancer). Metformin is one of two drugs that may fool your body into reacting as if you’re ingesting fewer calories, possibly flipping your metabolism into extended-life mode.

Metoprolol. A blood-pressure drug that I take that knocks down adrenalin and the fight-or-flight response. It lets me drive in LA without my blood pressure going up.

GlisodinOne of the many things I take which is supposed to clean up cellular gunk, stuff that builds up over a lifetime. This may help slow down graying of hair, might cause slight euphoria. Hard to tell.

Avodart (generic name dutasteride). It knocks out DHT (dihydrotestosterone), a form of testosterone that makes your prostate blow up and your hair fall out. Whenever you see a TV ad where old men are always rushing off to pee, you’re seeing an ad for a DHT blocker. An added benefit of DHT blockers is they cause your body to pump out some extra testosterone to compensate, so it’s a little like being on steroids. Don’t let women come in contact with this drug — it could lead to the birth of a hermaphrodite.

Glucosamine and chondroitin. For less-creaky joints. Our dog gets this, too.

Fancy multivitamins from Life Extension and VitacostThe kind with about 45 obscure ingredients.SAM-e (S-Adenosyl methionine).This is supposed to keep your liver all nice. Also, milk thistle, which is also supposed to help your liver.

Astragalus. May help fight the shortening of telomeres.

Fiber gummies. I like food and don’t have perfect food habits, so I use fiber gummies and carb blockers to compensate for my lack of eating discipline. Fiber gummies are fiber in the form of gumdrops — candy that makes you poop. The faster food moves through you, the less you absorb. Carb blockers suppress a digestive enzyme so you only absorb 75% of the carbs you eat when you take them with a meal. You poop a little more, but it’s worth it.Fat blockers. These are pure punishment and should be avoided for all but the fattiest meals. It’s better just to eat less fat. For instance, peel most of the cheese off a piece of pizza — it will still taste just like pizza.

Prescription and non-prescription drugs to lower cholesterol.

CurcuminReduces inflammation and is a very pretty orange color.



ALA and acetyl L-carnitine

Vitamin D3

Vitamin C

Vitamin E with selenium and also Gamma E


TMG (trimethylglycene)



N-acetyl cysteine

Mangosteen pomegranate noni complex

Vitamin K

Horse chestnut (for varicose veins)

Quercetin & bromelain

Coffee. This is the only brain drug I know for sure works. It doesn’t make me smarter, but it keeps me alert. Started drinking it about two and a half years ago. Used to nod off every afternoon at work. No more, thanks to coffee.






Cognitex from Life Extension

Vinpocetine (occasionally)

Methylene blue. A dye that is in Phase III clinical trials to see whether it clears out junk amyloid protein in the brain. MB may act as a detergent, helping to break up amyloid, which can clog the brain, killing neurons. Might be good if you’ve taken some shots to the head. I worked in bars and got punched in the face a few times — but not anything like the shots taken by football players. (Plus, methylene blue makes your urine a rich emerald green.)”

Itse syön lisäravinteita mm:

  • Omega 3/ krilliöljyä jossa on mukana mm. Astragalus: sta.
  • Pakurikääpä/havupuu lisäravinnetta.
  • D-vitamiinia
  • L-carnosine
  • Monivitamiini-lisiä.
  • Sekä jotain kuntosali tuotteita joissa on mm. l-argiinia.

En ole koskaan havainnut mitään kovin suuria eroja tai vaikutuksia, mutta olenkin perusterve.

Mielestäni esim. kouluissa voitaisiin tarjota ns. lisäravinne pirtelöitä boostaamaan oppimistuloksia. Tietenkin vapaaehtoisesti.



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